ADD History


         In 2009, Car Ignition System Quick Tester and Wireless Automotive Noise Finder Detector obtain CE certification.



         In February 2008 Automotive Borescope was successfully developed and entered into market, won the national title of “20 Tops” maintenance tools .

In 2008 Beijing Add-tech received ISO9000 Quality system certification

         In September 2008 Beijing Add-tech participated in exhibition in Frankfurt Germany successfully.


        In September 2007, Wireless Automotive Noise Finder won the title of “20 Tops” national maintenance tool.


         In October 2006, R & D center of Beijing Add-tech was established.

         In September 2006,Beijing Add-tech participated in Frankfurt trading faire, Germany for the first time and retained the success.


         In 2005, Beijing Add-tech established the business relation with100 dealers across the country, initially formed a national distribution network.

         In November 2005 , Beijing Add-tech for the first time participated in after-market auto show in Las Vegas .

         In 2005,The trade mark “addtools” was accepted by State Trademark Bureau successfully.

         In 2005, Beijing add-tech got the independent franchise for IMP&EXP of P.R.C.

         In February 2005, Automotive Short & Open Finder is awarded one of “20 Tops” maintainace tools.


       In 2003, 2003 Love in October Beijing Add-tech Technology Co., Ltd. was established



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