ADD Culture


Pragmaticism: to be active and achieve the goal

Action: to have the teamwork

Study: to learn and promote continuously

Profession: to satisfy the customers mostly

Innovation: to be the life soul of the enterprise



To enhance the innovation, to improve the service system.

To center the customers, to satisfy our customers

To unify the social resources, to share the technology achievements

To be the life soul of the enterprise


Concept Innovation: Keep the concept of innovation, and step in advance for ever.

Internationalization and customer centralization.


Mechanism innovation: According to customers’ demand and  technical vicissitude, adjust enterprise organizational structure, management idea, and management


Product Innovation: Strengthen the company core competitiveness, form own characteristic and realize the product variation.


Service Innovation: Fulfill service mission, and follow the idear that the customer service is also a productive force.


Goals: Become the automotive digital diagnostic professional tool manufacturer and the global service first supplier.


The innovation idea and the innovation product provides the surmounting value for the customer.



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