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Automotive Digital Diagnostic Tools flourish at the 55th session of the National Exhibition

     The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring, beautiful spring in Beijing ushered in the annual automotive aftermarket industry event, AMR 2011 55th National Auto Warranty Detection and Diagnosis Equipment (spring) Exhibition on March 16, 2011 in Beijing, China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) was  opened. From 29 countries and regions, more than 150 new brands of domestic debut of new enterprises, and jointly write AMR global car care industry a new chapter in leaps and bounds.

      AMR Vehicle Maintenance as a professional testing and diagnosis equipment exhibition, which fully demonstrates the Chinese automobile market, especially in the field of vehicle repair and maintenance of the rapid development and rigid demand. AMR is the China Automotive Service Equipment, Auto Repair tools, and level of development of car care products, industry developments and market trends in the vane.

     ADD Technology Ltd Beijing through years of market exploration and study, research and development of a series of special automotive digital diagnostic equipment, and its products has been of great concern to domestic and foreign participants in this exhibition, there are lots of experts who have the intention to discuss cooperation, and the spot purchases of ADD products of our company, so that our future R & D and production of more full of confidence .

      Now with Auto possession amounted to 9, ten million in China, automotive maintenance & reair industry have shown new trends: the first, development of the industry gradually matured into a fully international trade, the whole industry chain has been hard to get strict distinction between domestic and international, the formation of a well-known brands with independent intellectual property rights. The second is the gradual maturity of enterprise development. With the industry players becoming  mature, the Automotive repair and maintenance industry is moving into  maturity time as well, . In order to survive in the increasingly competitive market, most of enterprises have to be mature. Many industries and enterprises have already crossed the initial stage which forcus on price competition moved into the brand game.

    Therefore, the car market after formation of the vigorous development of overwhelming events, and national government departments and industry department's strong support will be more extensive after-market car, car care industry will be more brilliant tomorrow.
    The following picture for domestic and foreign friends ADD Industry Co., Ltd. Beijing staff during the exchange:



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