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Coating Thickness Gauge ADD 0168

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This instrument adopts the magnetism and backset measuring thickness methods. It can measure the thickness of the covering layer of non-magnetism (such as aluminum, chrome, copper, enamel, rubber and oil paint) which are covered on the magnetism metal substrates (such as steel, iron, alloy and rigid magnetism steel) and the thickness of covering layer of non-transmitting electricity (such as enamel, rubber, oil paint and plastic) which are covered on the non-magnetism metal substrates (such as copper, aluminum, zinc and tin). It has many characteristics, such as little error of measuring, excellent performance, good stability and easy operation. It is such a necessary measure instrument to control and guarantee the product quality that it is widely applied to manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry and merchandise testing field

Test methodthe magnetism and backset measuring
Measure range0~1250um
Measure precision±3%H±1.5
Display precision0~99.9um0.1um/ Over 100um1um
Minimum substrate10*10 mm
Minimum curvatureprotruding5mm,concave25mm
Most thinnest substrate0.5mm
Environment temperature0~40
Relative humidity≤85%
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