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Digital Fuel Pressure Tester ADD600

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· Continuous reading v.s. Peak & hold selectable
· Always on v.s. Auto-off selectable
· Auto-off time selectable
Four units selectable
· Pressure gauge: PSI, BAR, kgf/cm2, kPa
· Vacuum gauge: in.Hg, mBar, Torr, hPa
· Maximum display value setting
· Minimum display value setting
·Burst pressure: 300% F.S.
·Proof pressure: 200% F.S.
·Accuracy ± 0.3% ± 1 digit @25oC
·Resolution is better than 0.1%
·Four digits LCD display
·Dual-polarity value display
·User zeroing
·Auto-off function
·Typical battery life is over 1500 times(each time180 seconds)
·Low battery indication
·Rubber shroud protection
·Standards used in this calibration are traceable to the National
·Institute of Standards Technology (NIST).
·Digital calibration and setting data stored in EEPROM
·Continuous reading v.s. Peak & hold selectable
·Always on v.s. Auto-off selectable
·Auto-off time selectable
·Four units selectable
·Pressure gauge: PSI, BAR, kgf/cm2, kPa
·Vacuum gauge: in.Hg, mBar, Torr, hPa
·Maximum display value setting
·Minimum display value setting
·Software calibration
·Sensor type: Silicon sensor
·Pressure range: 0si-100Psi
·Display pressure range: 0~120% F.S.
·Proof pressure: 200% F.S.
·Media: Non-corrosive liquids and gases
·Display: 4 Digits TN type LCD
·Supply voltage: 9 VDC battery
·Battery life: 1500 times typical “ON” time
·Low battery indication: “”= replace battery
·Standby current: 5m A maximum
·User interface: ON, ZERO
·Operating temperature: 0 ~ 45℃ (32 ~ 115 ℉)
·Storage temperature: -10 ~ 75 ℃ (15 ~ 165 ℉)
·Accuracy: ± 0.3% ± 1 digit @25℃
·Thermal error: ± 1% of Full Scale
·Bosch: K, KE, KE3, L, LE2, LE3, LH. Jetronic.
·Bosch Motronic: M1.3, M1.7,M2.5, M3.1, ML4.1, MA3.0, A2.2 SPi.
·Bendix-Fenix: EFI.
·Chrysler: SM.
·Daihatsu: EFI.
·Fiat: SPI, Meber 1AW.
·EEC1V, EFI, Weber CFI
·M: Multec SPI, EFI, Simtec EFI.
·Hyundai: EFI.
·Honda: PGM-FI.
·Isuzu: 1-Tec.
·Kia: EFI.
·L Hotwire, P Digital.
·Magnet Marelli: EFI, G5/6 Mono. Weber-Marelli: 1AW, CFI.
·Mazda: EGI.
·Mitsubishi: ECI,MPI.
·Nissan: EFI, ECCS.
·Renault: R Electronic.
·Reni: MPI.
·Rover: SPI, PGM-FI, M.E.M.S.
·Subaru: MPFI, SPFI.
·Suzuki: E.
·Toyota: EFI, TCCS.
·VW: Digijet, Digifant, WAG MPI
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