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Digital Sound Level Meter ADD355

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·This unit was designed according to the IEC651,TYPE2&ANSI S1.4 TYPE for sound level meters
·Instantaneous sound measure function
·Measurement range:30-130 decibel
·With two equivalent weighted sound pressure levels A and C
·Fast & Slow dynamic characteristic modes
·AC and DC signed oytput for frequency analyzer level recorder,FFT analyzer,graphic recorder etc.
·Frequency range:31.5Hz-8.5kHz
·Linearity range:50db
·Measuring level:30-130dBA 35-130dBC
·Frequency weighting:A,C
·Digital display:5 digits
·Display:0.5 secretary
·Bargraph:50dB scale at 1dB step for mornitoring current sound pressure level
·display period:50ms
·Level ranges:30-80dB;50-100dB;60-110dB;80-130dB
·AC output:0.707 Vrms at FS output impendance appro x 600Ω
·DC output:10mV/dB output impedance approx 100Ω
·Time weighting:Fast/Slow
·Microphone:1/2 inch Electret Condenser microphone
·Selfcalibration time:10 sec(every turn on)
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