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Automtive Vacum Gauge ADD622

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·  Works on Computer-controlled and Conventional Vehicles
  Professional Bourdon tube gauge reads 0-30 inches vacuum
  and 0-10 PSI pressure
· Comes complete with hose and adapters necessaty for testing
  vacuum control and fuel pump
· Scales are easy to read.and show both standard
  and metric scales

·Vacuum:0-3- inches,0-70 Centimeters
·Pressure:0-10 PSI,0-70 Kilopascals
Check the mechanical condition of the engine
·Check the vacuum control system function
·Fine tune carburetion and timing for peak performance and maximum fuel economy
·Test fuel pump pressure
·Check for leaks in the intake manifold,manifold and head gaskets,piston rings,valves and vacuum lines
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