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1.    This product is specially designed for measuring brake fluid“DOT3” “DOT4”  and “DOT5.1”

2.    Probe waterproof design

3.    Power supply7thAAABattery

4.    Working Voltage: 2.0V~3.5V

5.    Working current: 40mA, Shut off current less than 5uA

6.    Support low power alarm and low power automatically shut off, protect Rechargeable battery.

7.    Auto Power Shut Off: No operation Auto Power Shut Off 1 Minute later

8.    Dimension:135×70×22(mm)

9.    Probe size: Φ10×120(mm)

10.  Cable length:20cm,1m after Straighten.

11.  Weight:100g

12.  Operating Temperature: 1040,

13.  Storage Temperature2060


1.    Open the battery compartment in the back of the tester, put two 7th (AAA) battery into the warehouse with positive and negative identity.

2.    After Insert the battery, all lights blink once, indicating that the product self-test is successful.

3.    Press turn on button, automatically to DOT3 model.

4.    Every time push the button, recycle from DOT3 to DOT4 to DOT5.1 with the indicator light. At the same time, quality indicator light will indicate the quality of brake fluid.

5.    Immerse the probe into brake fluid, and the Red, Yellow ,Green light means following:

Green light: indicate the brake fluid water content is below 1%

The first yellow light: indicate the brake fluid water content is approximately 1,.5%

The second yellow light: indicate the brake fluid water content is approximately -2.5%

The first red light  indicate the brake fluid water content approximately 3%

The second red light: indicate the brake fluid water content is more than 4%

6.    Pushing the button for a long time, all indicator light off and power shut off.

7.    When the indicator light twinkle simultaneously, it means the battery power is low, and the battery need to be changed. When the power continued low for a time, it will auto Power Shut Off


1.    This product support Ni-MH recharging batteries.

2.    After finishing testingplease clean the probe in case the Retention of stains will affect usage next time.

3.    If Unused for long periods, it is recommended to remove the battery, put the product stored at room temperature and dry place.

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