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The tester can help to checks and balances fuel injectors you can use it to test each injector individually to help identify stuck, leaking or burnt-out conditions. it can be used to drive injector when cleaning the nozzles in an ultrasonic bath. Tests fuel injector coil windings under load and detect intermittent fuel injector coil faults Fuel injectors can pass a resistance test, but still fail under load. It uses 12V vehicle battery for power. It has 4 pulse modes; the continuous mode (mode 4) helps identify good or bad injector.

Product Construction:

Mode indicator light1-4: Used to indicate the current state of the work.1. Short pulse. 2 Medium pulses .3 Long pulses .4 Continuous pulse
Operation indicator5: Used to confirm the fuel injector working.
Pulse Button6: Press pulse button, fuel injector works in the appropriate mode.
Connect terminal 8: Connected to the terminal of fuel injectors
Battery clamp 9: connect the battery clip to supply power

1. Connect and drive a variety of fuel injector        2. Use vehicle power 12 v supply

3. Work modes: 1. short pulse 250 ms  

                              2. medium pulse 3.5 ms, 100 times DUTY: 1/4

3. Long pulse    7 ms, 50 times DUTY: 1/4

4.    continuous pulse 7 ms, DUTY: 1/4

4. Host size: 125 x 81 x 30 mm                

5. Wire length 3 meters,

6. Main working voltage 12 V                  

7. Working current: 200 MA

8. Working temperature - 10 ~ 40 , storage temperature - 20~ 60

1.    Put connect terminal 8 tothe injector plug.
2.    Put battery clip according black (-), red (+), connect to automotive battery, special attention only to use in 12V battery.
3.    All indicators light after energized, then, entering short pulse mode.
4.    Put Operation button, Injector spray once.
5.    Put Mode selection button, the tester will switch mode circulatory according to the sequence of short pulse , medium pulse , long pulse and continuous pulse injection
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