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Two Channel Electronic Stethoscope ADD350D

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The Two Channel Electronic Stethoscope ADD350D is a high quality, sensitive instrument enabling the determination of trouble some machine parts by the detection of machine noises Designed to allow the user to listen to amplified sounds through two channel and compare different channel sound and quickly detect source or location of noises Two channel are control simultaneous or independent transmission and reception sound
In automotive application you could quickly detect source or location of noises emanated from bearing, gear, injector valve, valve body ,crankshaft, cylinder, gearbox, car body etc. Parts after starting engine .It help the serviceman to pinpoint the actual noise part and severity even in severe ambient noise.
1.    Designed Two Channel facilitate analysis and comparison different channel sound
2.    Two channel are controlled simultaneous or independent transmission and reception sound
3.    One channel receive normal sound and the other channel receive doubt noise
4.    Excellent sound quality helps to reliably identify the possible cause of the noise
5.    User friendly and easy to operate, no special training required
6.    Excellent quality headset for optimum sound quality even in very high-noise environments
7.    Supplied with long probes, Caliper sensors: Magnetic sensors enabling reach almost anywhere Sound amplification with volume control.
Frequency range                               30 Hz-15kHz
Operating temperature                     - 10 to + 45 °C (14-113 °F)
Output volume                                   Adjustable in 80 levels
Led indicator                                       Power on /Sound volume/ Battery low
Maximum recorder output                250 mV
Headset                                               48 Ohm (with ear defender)
Battery                                                 2 x AAA/LR03 (included)
Battery lifetime                                   10 hours (continuous use)
Dimensions handset                        125×81×30mm
Probe length                                       29cm
Clamp-on inductive sensors           65CM
Magnetic sensors                           65CM
Headset                                               150cm


1.    Main Tester1pcs
6.    Battery 2 PCS
7.    Manual 1pcs
8.    Molded Case,   1pcs
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