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Automotive brake fluid tester with self-setting ADD7704

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1. It can test DOT3  DOT4  DOT5 depend on standard  measuring  mode

2.You can set test your own test data. depend on user measurement mode

3.The reading will show the water content of brake fluid in the tester

4.By adjusting the scale value, customize the standard and storage.

5.The probe has a waterproof design

6.Power supply: Two R03(size AAA) batteries

7.Operating current. 50mAif the current is less than 60uA, the unit will power off

8.Low battery alarm and low battery power off automatically, this protects the rechargeable battery.

9.Digital clock, displays the date and time

10.Supports the storage of test data, delete data

11.The status screen shows the capacity of the internal battery.

12.Auto power off To save the power, it will turn off automatically if not operated after 1 minute.


1.Standard  measuring  mode : DOT3 DOT4 DOT5 parameters of the standard measurement

2.       User measurement mode : Measurements carried out in accordance with the customer- defined parameters

3.       Time set : Used to set the system date and time

4.       Record: Used to view stored test results

5.       Date and time : Displays the current date and time

6.       Power display : Display real-time battery

7.       Test status display : Display test results

8.       Bar graph indicate : Cursor display test results and test standards

9.       Digital indicate: Digital display test results and test standards


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