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Digital Resistance Simulator ADD2201

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The digital resistance Simulator is mainly used for quick output resistance values, and can be used to simulate and adjust the resistance value. The resistor value will simultaneously be displayed on the LCD screen. There are two kinds of resistance value adjustment method: According to each step 1Ω 10Ω 50Ω to adjust resistance value. To input the resistance value is a simple operation.


 Enter button: Press the Enter button to select resistance digital input mode, and confirm the input values​​,  Press the enter button for at least 2 seconds, to enter calibration mode

Cancel button: Exit resistance digital input mode

UP and down button: adjust and change resistance value

Display: display the value of resistance output and power indicator

Connect terminal: Connected to the terminal of the sensor



1.       Simulate the resistance output

2.       Two kinds of operation modes: resistance digital input mode and step adjustment mode

3.       Simulate resistance value range:   1001000Ω,   step1Ω

                                                                       100010000Ω, step10Ω


4.       Power supply: Two R03(size AAA) batteries

5.   Support memory and correction of the resistance value: ±5Ω

6.   Electric current:  80mAAfter the power is turned off, the current is less than 50uA

7.   Supported by low battery alarm and low battery power off automatically. This is to protect the rechargeable    battery.

8.       Accuracy: 5%

9.       Voltage: 3.3V±0.3V

10.      Operating temperature -10 to 40

11.     Storage temperature -20 to 60


Resistance style sensor signals can be simulated in the vehicle for trouble diagnosis. This allows the sensor to be isolated for circuit testing. This will allow you turn on and off the electronic fan for air conditioning repair trouble

finding etc., Low or high temperature signals, can be produced to test other component reactions.

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